Festive 4th of July Candy
  • Appetizer shot glasses (glass or plastic)
  • Wilton Fun Pix
  • RM Palmer Red Foiled Caramel Cups
  • RM Palmer White Foiled Caramel Filled Balls
  • RM Palmer Caribbean Blue Caramel Filled Balls
  1. Put a Blue Caramel Ball in the bottom of the shot glass.
  2. Next drop a White Caramel Ball in the glass.
  3. Top with a Red Caramel Cup.
  4. Push in the Wilton Fun Pix in the Red Caramel Cup.
Recipe by Dessert Recipes - Holiday Food Recipes - Sweet Treats - Party Pinching at https://partypinching.com/festive-4th-of-july-candy/